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  • Your only superior, portable medical image solution.


  • Winner of the prestigious

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Introducing MED-TAB

The world’s first and only DICOM-calibrated portable workstation.
Your only superior, portable medical image solution.
Created by a radiologist for imaging specialists.

Winner of the prestigious international iF Design Award.

Image Analysis Anywhere and Everywhere


The world’s first portable DICOM calibrated medical image display – MED-TAB.
View, analyze, send images anytime, anywhere.
Medical imaging professionals are now free to work beyond the confines of a darkened room, confident in the knowledge of standards-compliant quality and taking no risks with viewing conditions.
In MED-TAB, PLUM Medical Solutions, a new company dedicated exclusively to innovation in medical imaging, has created a unique and patented product for today’s changing world.
– consistent high-quality
– unprecedented portability and access
– safe and precise image analysis anywhere
A game-changer in teleradiology and portable imaging.

Read more about how MED-TAB solves pain points for imaging professionals in this whitepaper.

MED-TAB side view

Hospitals can use MED-TAB for bedside diagnostic image viewing in emergency room and in intensive medical care units.

Imaging departments can use MED-TAB for remote analysis, distributed radiology demonstrations, and for peer-to-peer review.

MED-TAB can be accessed via a diagnostic app called PORT-RAY, via cloud or web portals. On-call physicians can rely on MED-TAB™ for quick access to images from anywhere on-demand.

MED-TAB includes:

MED-TAB offers the only patented 11 bit portable GSDF compliant DICOM grayscale calibration

Special pen for measurement

Up to 10x more accurate and three times faster than using fingers on the touchscreen

The unique USB grayscale adjustment tool provides optimum image visibility

Improve image analysis with the anti-glare screen

Eliminate guesswork with ambient light sensor

Indicates whether or not the surrounding light is suitable
for image analysis

Enjoy a screen that is more than 65% larger*

than the iPad Air 2 and the Galaxy Tab 4
*According to area and not diagonal distance

Get Used to Amazing Efficiency with MED-TAB

Functions on the Android 6.0 operating system
Is available with the zero-footprint HTML5 DICOM viewer iQ-4VIEW or the Android App PORT-RAY (sold separately).

MED-TAB supports most major PACS vendors
using HTML5 zero footprint technology.

Nearly all PACS functions, like zoom/pan, comparisons, measurements, 3D reconstruction, etc., are possible – from anywhere – with this DICOM-enabled pad.

HDMI port connects the device to a larger display / data projector for peer sharing. (Device supports full HDMI only.)

Easy to use & Intuitive


Use your fingers, a mouse, a keyboard, or a Philips SPEECHMIKE to navigate the touch screen of the portable 13.3” reading station


After logging into a PACS via wireless LAN, simply tap images to analyze


Perform reporting tasks via voice recognition or the digital dictation tool included in the software

Created by a radiologist for imaging specialist

MED-TAB is the work of a team of innovative experts across the medical imaging industry, including physicians and radiologists.
After 15 years of experience in reading medical imaging studies, Dr. Arpad Bischof realized he could do his job more efficiently if he had access to mobile technology with the right software.  Arpad and his team at PLUM Medical Solutions implemented a plan that would allow him and potentially other physicians to study medical images in high-quality on a DICOM-enabled portable device. The end result is MED-TAB, the world’s first portable medical imaging workstation.

MED-TAB – not just another tablet

It’s the first portable medical imaging work-station, designed for DICOM compliance and built with essential medical features, including:

  • patented GSDF grayscale calibration
  • anti-glare screen
  • ambient light measurement and monitoring
  • a custom-designed measuring pen
  • DICOM Part 14 compatibility
  • standards-compliant brightness & resolution
  • MDD Medical Device Class 1

MED-TAB – for freedom, convenience and increased productivity in radiology –

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Plum Medical Solutions has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for an upgraded version of its MED-TAB portable medical imaging workstation.
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